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Planting my Angelim tree in the Amazon rainforest

Planting my Angelim tree in the Amazon rainforest

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Want to Reach New Heights in Reforestation?
🍃 Hey, nature enthusiasts and green-thumbed friends! 🌿 Did you know that YOU can contribute to the grandeur of the Amazon by planting a gentle giant?
Stand tall and proud with the mighty Angelim tree, also known as Dinizia excelsa! 🏞️ Imagine nurturing a living skyscraper, soaring to the sky at an astonishing 88.5 meters—rivaling a 30-story building! With a robust circumference of 9.9 meters, the tallest Angelim in the Amazon stands in Pará, and you could kickstart the growth of its next colossal sibling!
 Why the Angelim, you ask? Aside from its impressive stature, each red Angelim tree is a HERO in its own right, locking away up to 40 TONS of carbon—equal to an entire hectare of tropical jungle or what 300-500 smaller trees might absorb. That's right, it's nature's very own carbon capture powerhouse! With roots in Brazil and various names like angelim-vermelho, angelim-pedra, paricá, and local original dialects calling it awaraimë and parakwa, this tower of the pea family stands as a beacon of biodiversity and ecological might!
💡 Fun Fact: The Angelim isn't just tall; it's also a record-holder for the tallest-growing species in the pea family, climbing to generally 60 meters and beyond. Its trunk is a smooth cylinder, a natural marvel commanding respect and awe.
So, here's your chance to leave a living legacy! Plant an Angelim tree seedling and watch as it reaches for the stars, providing vital habitat for wildlife and helping our precious planet breathe a little easier.
🌟 Let's make a difference, one monumental tree at a time!
💖 Choose to plant an Angelim or another amazing tree from our selection, and contribute to the Amazon’s revival. Your choice will foster biodiversity, support local wildlife, and help communities thrive!
Chose your tree and let’s grow a greener tomorrow together! 💌🌈 
👉Spread the love, share this post, and let's make our earth greener together! Your choice matters, and together, we can craft a delicious future for the Amazon Rainforest.
With every tree, we're not just growing a forest, but we're sowing the seeds of hope for our planet. 💚 👉 Swipe to see the Andiroba pictures in all its glory, and tell us, are you as captivated by it as we are? 
For planting one Andiroba tree, it is very simple, just click above.


Keep in mind: Once we plant your tree, we will send you a certificate with location, and a personalised short video.

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