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Planting my Abiu tree in the Amazon rainforest

Planting my Abiu tree in the Amazon rainforest

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🌱💚 Are you ready to leave a green footprint that tastes as sweet as it feels? This is an AMAZING opportunity for YOU to make a choice on Mother Nature's behalf! 🙌 But first, let us introduce you to one of the stars of our reforestation efforts in the majestic Amazon Rainforest - the Abiu tree (Pouteria caimito)!
🍃🍎 While we ALWAYS encourage your freedom to pick which fabulous tree we plant in your name in the lush, life-giving Amazon Rainforest 🌴, we just can't help but gush over the amazing ABIU! 🌟
 🌟🌳✨ 🔍 Get to know the Abiu: - Towering with pride from 8 to 15 meters tall - Decked out in large and lustrous green leaves - Flaunting fruits with a glossy coat that ripens into a cheerful yellow or green, tempting enough to make anyone’s mouth water - And what’s inside? A sweet, succulent pulp that’s like a spoonful of condensed milk – nature’s own dessert! 🍯🍈 But wait, there’s more! 🐦🐒 The Abiu doesn’t just bear fruit; it’s a beacon of life, drawing in birds with its magnetic charm. Picture it: a kaleidoscope of wildlife, nestled amongst the branches, serenaded by the rustling leaves.
And if that didn’t paint the perfect picture, imagine lounging under its generous shade, breathing in the cool, fresh air it gifts us, all while soaking in the tree’s elegant silhouette.
🎨🍃 Now, we invite YOU to make a choice that’s both sweet for the palate and the planet!
💖 Choose to plant an Abiu or another amazing tree from our selection, and contribute to the Amazon’s revival. Your choice will foster biodiversity, support local wildlife, and help communities thrive!
Chose your tree and let’s grow a greener tomorrow together! 💌🌈 
👉🌳👈 Spread the love, share this post, and let's make our earth greener together! Your choice matters, and together, we can craft a delicious future for the Amazon Rainforest.
With every tree, we're not just growing a forest, but we're sowing the seeds of hope for our planet. 💚 👉 Swipe to see the Abiu pictures in all its glory, and tell us, are you as captivated by it as we are? 
For planting one Abiu tree, it is very simple, just click above.


Keep in mind: Once we plant your tree, we will send you a certificate with location, and a personalised short video.

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