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Planting my Ingá Cipó tree in the Amazon rainforest [Inga Edulis]

Planting my Ingá Cipó tree in the Amazon rainforest [Inga Edulis]

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Embrace the Magic of the Amazon Planting Your Ice Cream Fruit Tree!

🌱🍦 Hello, Eco-Adventurers and Sweet Treat Enthusiasts! Have you ever dreamt of saving the Amazon rainforest from the comfort of your own home? Well, your dream is now ripe for the picking! 🌈✨ Introducing our "🍨 Plant-Your-Own-Amazon-Rainforest-Tree 🍨" initiative, right in the LUSH HEART of the AMAZON! 🌴😍
Meet Inga edulis, affectionately known as the ICE-CREAM BEAN – a wonder of nature that tastes like dessert, but grows on trees! 🌟🍧 This tropical marvel not only offers a delectable, creamy treat (yes, the pulp is as sweet and smooth as vanilla ice cream!), but it's also an ecological superstar:
✔️ Provides generous shade
✔️ Nourishes the soil 💚
✔️ Supports local wildlife 🐦🐒
✔️ And, of course, delights the taste buds! 😋
BUT WAIT... it gets better! We plant it FOR you in our protected reserves, ensuring your fruity investment supports both your cravings AND crucial conservation efforts! ❤️ 🔍
FACT-CHECK: Inga edulis is a GIANT of the plant kingdom, soaring to 30 meters high 📏, while providing food, timber, medicine, and even the base for traditional cachiri drinks in its native ecosystem. 🍻 📢
CALLING ALL EARTH-LOVERS! By adopting one of these wondrous trees, you're not just planting a tree; you're planting a LEGACY. Your very own piece of the Amazon's splendor will flourish, thanks to YOUR support, and be a sanctuary for countless species. 🐾 🎉
CELEBRATE the enchanting bond between humans and nature! Each tree is a testament to the vibrant culture of the Indigenous Amazonians and the irreplaceable value of our planet's green lungs. 💚 So, who's ready to take their taste buds on a tropical excursion and make a difference? 🙌
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👉 Swipe to see how magical these trees look and click the link above to chose how many you would like us to plant for you and get involved today! 

Keep in mind: Once we plant your tree, we will send you a certificate with location, and a personalised short video.

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