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Planting my Brazilian Mahogany tree in the Amazon rainforest [ENDANGERED SPECIE]

Planting my Brazilian Mahogany tree in the Amazon rainforest [ENDANGERED SPECIE]

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🌺 Plant a Legacy in the Heart of the Amazon!

🌺 🌱✨ Have you ever dreamt of leaving a truly GREEN footprint on Earth? ✨🌱 Now's your chance to embed your mark in nature's richest tapestry! Join us in our quest to plant your very own Brazilian Mahogany tree – the *Forbidden Treasure* of the Amazon!

Brazilian Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), native to the sun-kissed realms of the southern Pará, thrones as the elegant monarch in the Amazon's climax forests, gifting the soil with strength and vivacity. 🌿💪 Picture this: In just 2 years, YOUR tree could tower at 4 meters high, its trunk swelling with pride between 50-80 cm in diameter. A flourishing testament to your commitment to Mother Earth!  But it's not just about growth; it's about grace. Used as ornamental gems in parks and gardens, these majestic beings bring beauty and tranquility to any landscape. Imagine a park bearing the fruits of your benevolence! 🍃🌸 Yet, every treasure has its trials.

The Hypsypyla grandella caterpillar, the Mahogany Borer, lurks as the main foe to our precious, seeking to halt their joyous ascension. Here's where YOU make a difference! 🐛

By planting companion trees, you fortify your Mahogany against unwanted pests and ensure its soaring success— not just as a tree, but as a haven for biodiversity. 🐦🐒

Unfortunately, mahogany is on the official list of endangered Brazilian flora species.

Brazilian Mahogany is a type of noble wood and is appreciated for its ease of working, stability and durability combined with an appearance that attracts attention with its beauty. Therefore, this noble wood can be used in luxury furniture, decorative objects, panels, interior finishes, etc. Brazilian Mahogany can also be used to produce musical instruments, mainly guitars and acoustic guitars, due to its characteristic timbre and sound resonance.

Because Brazilian Mahogany has all these characteristics, it is highly coveted by the wood market. But Brazilian Mahogany is at serious risk of extinction. One of the reasons is the predatory and clandestine logging that causes great devastation in the Amazon forest, mainly because of its high price on the international market.

According to WWF-Brazil, the species has already disappeared from large areas of the Amazon and only survives in regions that are difficult to access and in protected areas. However, even protected areas do not intimidate illegal loggers, who open roads in the forest in search of valuable Brazilian Mahogany trees. Illegal felling and dragging of wood leads to the destruction of up to 30 nearby trees, which further exacerbates deforestation.

For this reason, Brazilian Mahogany cannot be explored, transported and sold in Brazil since October 2001, thanks to the Normative Instruction, published by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).

Invest in the future; let's save the Brazilian Mahogany from extinction. 🎨🔨 Be the guardian of a treasure. 

Join us and Plant a Brazilian Mahogany in our Amazon reserve today! 💌 🌟

As a bonus: Every tree you plant is a chapter in the story of sustainability and a stroke in the masterpiece of conservation. 🌟 💚 Isn't it time we grew into the stewards this planet deserves? Let’s dig in, together! 

👉 Swipe to see how magical these trees look and click the link above to chose how many you would like us to plant for you and get involved today! 


Keep in mind: Once we plant your tree, we will send you a certificate with location, and a personalised short video.

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